A Pentecostal Approach to Political Involvement

I heartily agree!

United Pentecostal Church International

blogAs Christians, we are sometimes faced with ethical dilemmas in which two or more principles seem to be in conflict. A classic example is the hypothetical Nazi-at-the-door situation. In such a case, should one lie to protect their family, or should one tell the truth and send their innocent family to an unjust death? Christians involved in the complexities of political discourse are often conflicted about the proper position or course of action. In politics it is sometimes difficult to choose between candidates because neither of them fully embrace or represent our Christian values. We may have to choose between the lesser of evils or choose the person who can do the best job for our country overall even though we don’t agree with all of his or her positions. In such cases, we should state our views without endorsing inappropriate statements or positions. We should not treat fellow believers…

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Positive Peer Pressure

Transformed friends show the teachable one that Deliverance is indeed possible.

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For WHOM are You REALLY Living?

“The battle of desire is not something that just takes place within us or even between us. It is also taking place against us, all the time. Our desire is under nearly constant attack. ‘We come into the world longing,’ says Gil Bailie, ‘for we know not what. We are desire. And desire is good, for it’s what takes us to God. But our desire is not hard-wired to God.’ So we look to others to teach us what to desire. We are intensely imitative creatures, as Aristotle pointed out. It is how we learn language; it is how we master just about anything in life. It is also how we come to seize upon the objects of our desire. We all know this, though we don’t like to admit it…the constant effort to arouse our desire and captivate it can be described only as an assault. From the time we get up to the time we go to bed, we are inundated with one underlying message: ‘it CAN be done’–the life you are longing for can be achieved…only eat at this restaurant, buy this product, see this movie, drive this car, take this vacation, join this gym, etc. The only disagreement is over the means, but ‘everyone’ (albeit, most people probably subconsciously) agrees on the end: we CAN find life NOW!” So why should we wait for, much less actually pursue, Eternal Life, right? Wrong/what a lie (from you know where)! Eternal Life, Real Life, can start NOW, by seeking (SEE-King) and finding Jesus through the Gospel/New Birth! And, then, through DAILY pursuing a ‘Realationship’ with Him, Who is our only True Bestie. (Words in quotes taken from John Eldredge’s book, The Journey of Desire, pages 82 & 83; balance is dkb’s commentary, 2/29/16.)

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Giver…or Taker?

“Everything God controls, gives.” John Hagee . Everything I control, takes (except, that is, when I control myself).” dkb


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True Pleasure

“We never see it (our sin/idolatry) in black and white, for we’re always ‘under-the-influence’ (of pursuing pleasure)*. No one stops to think about it: pleasure isn’t nearly so much about true enjoy ment as it is about anesthetizing ourselves. Think about the relief your idols ‘provide’: is your Desire truly and deeply satisfied…or does the relief come more through the temporary absence of Desire?**I’ve had a nagging sense I was more pleasure-oriented than might be good, but I didn’t see the function of pleasure in my life until I had to face intense grief and loss. I tried every drug I could, and nothing worked. Not food. Not sleep. Not work. Not reading. Not even sex. I could not get away from the pain. And then it occurred to me: if I am trying to use pleasure as ‘a drug’ in this case, how many of my so-called enjoyments are merely the same thing, simply on a lesser scale?” John Eldredge, The Journey of Desire, p.79. *The Bible calls this ‘pleasure-mindedness’/’worldliness’ (see II Timothy 3:4). **Only in encountering Jesus on an ongoing basis is there “fullness of joy AND pleasures forevermore” (see Psalm 16:11).

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Wonders of His Love: Christ, the Living Word!

“LORD Jesus, deliver us from our distractions, dysfunctions and destructions; according to Your Word, heal us, that we would delight ourselves exclusively in You (and what Your heart and hands have provided): ‘He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions’!” Psalm 107:20

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No More Last Love

Tired of Perfectionism, Procrastination, Paralysis and Defeat (‘PPPD’), all ‘in self’? Me, too! Let’s transform into Power, Purity, Peace and Delight, all ‘in Christ! “I’m CHOOSING You again as my First Love, LORD Jesus, NOW and FOREVER! ‘So-be-it’, Empowering Friend and Lover-of-my-soul-no-matter-what, True and Only Comforter!! Rev. 2:4-7; John 14:14-18;25-27 (KJV)

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