Transparency…or Humility?

Transparency can be an altogether different ‘animal’ than Humility (and a Hunger for Broken Usefulness in the Master-builder’s Hand). Gleaned from Liz Beckham’s statement “Transparency and Humility are two different things. The first can merely be an excuse for errant living while the latter fosters healing.”

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‘Like Kinds’

Leadership IS influence, just like God IS Love…and Daniel 7:9 equals Revelation 7:17!

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The Thief

“The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy” just like what happens when we ‘rationalize, justify and compromise’….the end result is the same: destruction (of Destiny)!

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Beautiful Faith

“The beauty of faith often takes place when life goes ‘off-script’.” Bonnie Gray, Christian writer.

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Deposed Monarchs

“Even if we are loved, it is not enough. We yearn to be fruitful (productive, fulfilled, ‘Resultful’), to do something of meaning and value that flows naturally out of the gifts and capacities of our own soul (that Jesus has given us). But of course we do–we were meant to be the kings and queens of the Earth.” John Eldredge, The Journey of Desire, pg 155 (words in parenthesis added by dkb, 8/16/14).

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Earthen Vessel Treasure

“Heaven is the beginning of an Adventure in Intimacy, ‘a World of Love,’ as Jonathan Edwards wrote, ‘where God is the Fountain.'” John Eldredge, Ransomed Heart, pg. 157.

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Out-of-this World Security

Of course we’re disappointed–we’re made for SO much more! ‘He has also set Eternity in their hearts’ (Eccl. 3:11). Our longing for Heaven whispers to us in our disappointments and screams at us through our agony. ‘If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy,’ C. S. Lewis wrote, “the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” John Eldredge, in The Ransomed Heart, pg. 154. (Commentary by dkb: Being in the richness of God’s powerful presence IS another world, for His love is other-worldly. His Agape is even way beyond the exhilarating intimacy of any human love! This is the only true prosperity and true fulfillment.)

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