“It all starts with Conviction. Conviction leads to confessionwhich brings Compassion and Connection, with the end result being Christ-centered Community and fulfilled lives fulfilling His ‘Great Commission.’ ” Denny Beckham

“Creator, fill  me with your Inventiveness today, LORD Jesus Christ!” Ibid.

“Busy-ness is a form of subtle yet diabolical addiction, and for

 many of us, is an attempt at sedating our ‘father-wounds.’” Denny Beckham

Time-cramming’ is often a grasp at ‘god-hood,’ I am sure–we

                  want not only to be masters over our schedules but also

                  god-like achievers in them, virtual Supermen over time.” Denny Beckham

“Healthy morale precedes healthy motivation.” Denny Beckham

“Encouragement is to empowerment what morale is to motivation.” Denny Beckham                      

“God is in the renewal and restoration business…with human

   beings!” Denny Beckham

“Willpower and resolutions come and  go, but the addictive        process never sleeps. The caring community around the person has more potential than this. GRACE IS ALWAYS A PRESENT POSSIBILITY FOR INDIVIDUALS, BUT ITS FLOW COMES TO FULLNESS THROUGH COMMUNITY. Grace flows toward appreciating the truth, toward an accurate understanding of what is going on beneath the confused surface of addiction.” Gerald G. May, M.D., in his book, Addiction and Grace.

“Focus and fruitfulness go together just like effectiveness and fulfillment.” Denny Beckham

“Communion precedes Community (just as love for God precedes love for man).” Denny Beckham

“Fellowship is for Families, first.” Denny Beckham

“For families to foster fellowship and fruitfulness, they must do more than just work and run around together; they must also play and relax, laugh and cry together.” Denny Beckham

True Community only comes through truly caring. True caring started w/God!” Denny Beckham

“It’s not as much about ‘go,go’ and ‘do,do’ as it is ‘slow, slow’ and ‘be, be!’ ” Denny Beckham

“We need to return to the centrality of truth and the focus of our youth in Christ.” Denny Beckham

“But I have a vision of something better, and when I have my wits about me, I know that only one thing in my brokenness and addiction is good, and that is humility. All the rest keeps me bound and enslaved, and it makes me hurtful to myself and others.” “We become so dependent upon our sense of who we are that we fear becoming anything more.” (bold italics added by DKB) Gerald G. May, M. D. from his book ADDICTION & GRACE, ppgs 144 and 193.

“Grace exists for the fullness of love and for the creative splendor that such fullness brings.” Ditto (from above quote), pg. 145.

” ‘God-worth’ comes by first realizing that God cared enough about me to create me and then loved me enough to die for me, even if I was the only one needing redemption.”

“By having ‘God-worth,’ I am delivered from performance-based acceptance and don’t need the approval of man to be fulfilled.”

“Everything we do involves some kind of dedication. When we simply try to reform a troublesome addiction, our struggle is dedicated to minimizing the pain that addiction causes us and others. But in consecration, we dedicate our struggle to something more; consecration is our assent to God’s transforming grace, our commitment homeward.” ppgs 149 & 150 in Gerald May’s book ‘Addiction and Grace.’

“Miracles are nothing other than God’s ordinary truth seen with surprised eyes.” ibid.

“You have provided, preserved and perpetuated Your Holy Word for my generation and all future generations to come.”

“We cannot have Community with one another until we first have Communion with our Creator on a consistent basis.”

“You are my gracious Provider and Provisionary, Papa!”

“By being God’s Salt and Light, we become the living vessels for others to ‘taste (salt) and see (light) that the Lord is Good.’ ”

“The Lord’s mercy often rides to the door of our heart upon the black horse of affliction.” Charles Hadden Spurgeon

“People are longing to rediscover true community. We have had enough of lonelines, independence and competition.” Jean Vanier

“We must be vigilant not to sabotage God’s grace in our lives–if we’re not extremely careful, little successes can breed little failures, big successes, big failures. We sometimes do this, I believe, because we have deep, subconscious feelings of unworthiness, which is really just a cover-up for pride. We will never be worthy (in ourselves), much less feel worthy, so let’s hang up the striving for self-worth and put on the giving of God-worth, “Christ in us, the hope of glory!” He has made us worthy by applying His blood onto our hearts through our obedience to His gospel, initially, and His voice, day by day, only by His boundless mercy and empowering grace.” Denny Beckham 

“God has made us stewards over “our” time, talents and treasures (truth, relationships, money) and will judge us accordingly.” Denny Beckham

“We are called to be Nehemiah-like workers, warriors and worshippers in the rebuilding of God’s economy on earth.” Ibid.

“God is at the “LIVE center” (NOT the DEAD center) of life and His Universe. He is the God of Balance; that’s why we’re called to ‘not turn to the right hand nor to the left’ but to walk (in Grace) the path laid out ‘straight before us.’ In so doing, He will give us the ultimate ‘quality of life’ experience, not to mention His ‘quantity of life’ promise (=eternal life)!” Ibid.

“Mentors are ‘moralizers’, peers are competers and ‘me-me-me-me-ers’ are draining demoralizers, especially when they’re ‘leaders.'” Ibid.

“Life and love all begin with God. He gave us life in love and His life for us in love so that we could truly and eternally live. That’s why (His) “perfect love casts out fear!” We don’t have to fear rejection (from Him or others) when we come to Him His Way, trusting His Word, confessing our sins/faults, and receive His incredible, loving forgiveness, encouragement and empowerment. We then become “accepted in the Beloved!” Therefore, there is nothing to fear, for “there is no fear in love,” only freedom; true, exhilarating, inspiring freedom! We can now become ‘fighters in the faith with our Father for freedom,’ without fear, bold in love!” Ibid.

“Our commitment and Character must equal our Calling. Our sacrifices must be extreme, just as our Savior’s were!” Ibid.

“We must be initiators, like our Father, but not aggravators, like our enemy.” Ibid.

“To confront and communicate is to connect in Community.” Ibid.

“Oh Lord, restore your glory to your People and this land. Let true Freedom reign in our hearts and within our borders. Deliver us from trusting in man and from the glory of man and bring us into Your Divine Trust and Glory. Deliver us from our idols and miserable self-absorption and bring us into the delight of pursuing You and Your High and Holy Purposes. Make us a Holy Nation like never before, calling upon You and worshipping You in spirit and in truth and then dedicating ourselves to you once again as our First Love, our All-In-All.” Ibid.

“Deliver us, oh Lord, from our narrow and negative perceptions of You and one another, and our distorted comparisons and misplaced affections. Fill us with Your Thoughts and True Love which “thinks no evil.” Help us to love unconditionally, serve irrationally and give illogically until You are pleased and honored and Your Kingdom is fully advanced. Let Your Glory fill our bodies, souls and spirits until It fills our land and Your World. Make us one nation under You, our One God and Father of all, Who is “above all and through all  and in us all” (that are Biblically born again). Help us to be born again each day, by Your Word, and embrace Your Truth with vigor so that we may experience Your Vitality and Victory. Make Your People one, Lord, and make us Whole so that we can become that spiritual Hospital to the Hurting and Hungry that You’ve ordained us to be….oh, how I need Thee!!!” Ibid.


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  1. Rev. Wm. P. Cass says:

    I just discovered this site today and found it very inspiring. If it continues, which I am sure it will, it will be of great benefit to me and I am sure, to others.
    Bro. Cass

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