“(Beware of) misconceptions that arise from contempt prior to investigation.” Steve Wood, Esquire

“Sin destroys our self-esteem because it blocks intimacy with our Father—Christ was sinless and, therefore, confident (had God-worth)! I John 4:18- “There is no fear in Love, but perfect Love casteth out fear because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in Love.” Pastor Don Conner

“Dominion refers to those things for which I am responsible, both in the physical and non-physical realms, including property, time, space, rights, relationships, and privileges. Dominion relates to stewardship responsibilities. Dominion is the positive side of ownership, while selfishness is the negative side…Threats to your dominion produce real feelings. Those feelings are not selfish sensations but dominion violations. One reason we suspect God made man sensitive to his dominion would be to help all of us better appreciate and serve others. That conclusion is consistent with the otherness of Biblical ethics. The dominion sensor is not so much a reminder of our possessions as it is a reminder to respect the possessions of others. Pass that truth on to your children.” Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo, in their Growing Kids God’s Way (2008 leadership) workbook, ppgs 114 & 115 (italics added).

“Initiative is the only legitimate and ethical way to get ahead.”

“Initiative is pro-active, just like faith. There’s no such thing as ‘faith-in-action’ because true faith IS action!” Pastor August Defore

“The tithe is not to build the church (minister/tithe-ee) as much as it is to build the believer (ministry/tithe-or).” Unknown

“The definition of ‘insanity’: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Zig Ziglar

“Most people have never found their heart-Home because they’ve never completely surrendering to Jesus Christ. He simply wants to be our heart-Home (heart’s Home)!” Denny Beckham

“Our problem is that we ‘clock-in’ and ‘clock-out’ with God, instead of doing whatever it takes to gain true breakthrough into His Healing Presence, achieving lasting change and experiencing growth.” Denny Beckham

“Commitment separates the doers from the dreamers.” John Maxwell, in his ‘Lessons in Leadership’ commentary on pg. 148 of his NKJV Leadership Bible.

“Vision is essential: You can’t seize what you can’t see.” Ibid.

“The Seventy Elders (in the book of Numbers) represent: Sharing the Burden of God’s Anointed (Moses).” Ibid. “Hence, our need to ordain elders in each of our churches.” Denny Beckham

“It takes a leader to raise up a leader.” (Moses and Joshua and ‘the Law of Reproduction’) Ibid.

“Travel on the inside first.” (Self-discipline) Ibid.

 “God can do in one, Supernatural, split-second what man could never do in a zillion, natural years.” Ibid.

“Nothing birthed in fear grows up into faith…except perhaps a child.” Ibid.


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Fledgling writer sharing some Inspirations he's received and INjoyed...and wants to encourage you with!
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2 Responses to Ponderings.

  1. hope_rising says:

    Hey Denny

    congrats on starting your blog. From the postings here I can guess that your blog will be focused on the bible and religion. If that is right, I believe you will find a strong community out here in the blogsphere.

    I suggest that you make tags and categories for your posts. People will search on them often to find common ground with people. One tag for you might be Bible … I’m not a bible person, so I may be interpreting that incorrectly, but if your quotes are from the Bible, and you have a tag as Bible, more Bible people will find you.

    When I first started blogging, I would do tag searches from the Word Press home page and find other’s like me and start commenting. It’s a great way to get started.

    Good luck with your blog! I think you’ll really enjoy the experience.

    • Hey ‘eyes-on-hope’,

      Thanks for the comment, as I’m completely ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ on this stuff! Will have to experiment around w/your advice and learn how to do ‘the tag and category thing’ on my posts…

      Just so you know, my posts might sound like Holy Scripture (‘The Bible’), and some actually do contain verses, but for the most part, they are ‘merely’ Inspirational anecedotes for everyday living.

      Also, I am not ‘a religionist’ but instead am Blessed to have a relationship with God (and His People), ever-growing and developing, by Grace. And that God is Jesus Christ, the God of Hope, who has this to say (from His Love Letters in Romans 8:24) re. hope: “…for we are saved by Hope…”

      So I hope you’ll let Him find you and fill you with True Hope, new ‘eyes-on-hope’, blogging friend!

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