Leadership Gold

“Good Leadership organizes chaos.” John Maxwell, commentary in his NKJV Leadership Bible.

“Consistency fosters momentum. Momentum fosters production.” Denny Beckham

“The melancholy’s ‘driver’ is details, the sanguine’s is fun, the choleric’s is control and the phlegmatic’s is peace. When you know the driver, you know the person better.” Ibid.

“I used to wonder why it was told my Pastor and his class (by a respected, senior minister/teacher in Bible College) to ‘confess up and minister down’ but now I know: when we ‘confess down’ to those younger or less mature in Christ than we might be, we take a huge chance that we’ll ‘cause them to stumble,’ which Jesus forbade in Scripture, whereas our senior saints can handle it, as they should also be able to handle the temptation to gossip about it (the ‘confession’).” Ibid.

“Vision is an informed bridge to a better tomorrow.” John Maxwell, in ‘his’ NKJV Leadership Bible, commentary on pg. 1577 re. Rev. 21: 1-7


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