Pray for the Japanese people, and surrounding nations, (especially our Brothers and Sisters there), who now, like us, have to face not only ‘spiritual fallout’ but also radioactive fallout in their physical environments. That all these things would indeed foster and breed an Incredible, LastDay Awakening and Revival there, especially, but also abroad and at home in the U.S., in the Name of the Almight God, Jesus THE Christ! And that His Holy Presence would be a Supernatural Shield to protect all of His Children from the radiation that is upon us, and will probably increase even more, except for an Historic Miracle of Heavenly Proportions. “All things are Possible with You, Soon-Coming-King!”

“O LORD Jesus, how we miss out on Sweet Fellowship with You, and one another, when we fail to come together with our Brothers-in-the-Faith for united praise and prayer, even if ‘only’ by phone. Thank You for Your Powerful, Peaceful Presence that swept in to our hearts, as ‘my’ Brother Tracy and I ‘agreed in prayer’ for about 15 minutes this morning…and for more great fellowship last night when my Brother Brian from Texas called to tag-in and encourage me. There’s nothing like Your Holy Spirit of Agape Love!” Brother Denny

“Beautiful Words fill my mind. I am speaking of Royal Things. My tongue is like the pen of a skilled writer. You are more handsome than anyone, and you are aan excellent speaker, so God has blessed you forever. Put on your sword, powerful warrior. Show your glory and majesty! You will have sons to replace your fathers. You will make them rulers through all the land.” God, through the Psalmist, David, in Psalm 1:1-3,16 (NCV)


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