“Conversion to Jesus Christ starts with Confrontation of the Gospel (against sin).” Pastor John (“Steve”) Garcia

“When you truly repent, nobody has to tell you what to say (or repeat; your heart will know, and the words will pour out, usually with tears and strong crying).” Ibid (words in parenthesis added by dkb).

“Most people need permission to take a risk. By issuing his proclamation, King Cyrus modeled another leadership principle. Cyrus issued a decree to all the Jews that they could return to their homeland and begin life again there. You might think that every Jew would jump at this opportunity to leave a land of captivity and go home, but out of a population of hundreds of thousands of Jews (in 538 B.C.), only 49,897 responded to the offer. The ones who did return gave up a life of comfort and familiarity to pursue a life of rebuilding. (“So be it in me and in mine, O LORD!”) A risk like this is tough for most people. Usually, a leader must step forward and give men and women permission to take a risk, step out, and make sacrifices. Most people generally take the path of least resistance and migrate toward comfort zones. This why leaders must both model courage and call forth courage from others.” John Maxwell, in his commentary on Ezra 3:7 in ‘Courage: People Need Permission to Take Risks’, NKJV Leadership Bible, pg. 563.

3/6/11- No more horizontal living for me, by Grace! I want to instead ‘bring the inside, out’…even more so than bringing the outside in. And I’m an outdoor’s guy. I love being outdoors, having my office slider open and listening to the banter of the birds, the flowing of the water from roaring lion’s heads into my pool and, sometimes, even the sound of the rushing train! In short, I love bringing the outdoors in. But I love even more ‘bringing the inside, out’; that is, taking my body outside and jogging off-road, hiking the hills, cycling along our Arroyo Simi or, the ultimate: backpacking in the High Sierra wilderness. I love views, sunsets, mountains, beaches, trees, rivers and oceans. I’m enthralled with plants, bugs, snakes, animals and all the elements of nature. In fact, I think we were made for the outdoors, and know that we men were made from the outdoors (from dust: Genesis 2:7), whereas ‘our’ glorious women were made from ‘inside’ (from Adam’s rib: Gen.2:21-23), and appear to typically prefer ‘the indoors’ The industrial (and now the technological) revolution, however, has brought us guys indoors too, now more than ever, and has distanced us from God and nature, and damaged our respect for both, just like it’s done (and doing) to us toward our fellow man and his property. I believe it’s time to reverse these diabolical ‘trends’ and ‘bring the indoors out(side), like never before!’ Spiritually-speaking, that is, we need to learn to live from the inside, out! Talk and walk with Christ Jesus, worship Him, work and play in Jesus Christ, God Almighty (John 8:24,58 and Rev.1:8, et al), weaving Him into the fiber and fabric (or bringing him into the very center) of your life, (your entire existence, body, soul and spirit). This is how we ‘accept Him into our hearts’ and, that, after we’re Biblically born again (John 3:3-5 and Acts 2:38, et al)! This is ‘Vertical Church’, living from the inside, out! Ceasing from ‘interior illusions’ and ‘horizontal living’ which are fake and empty, selfish and shallow and take us down a dead-end road that only leads to the Destruction-ditch. Vertical living brings ‘Church’ to the streets, presenting Jesus in living color through me! Just like the ‘Good Book’ says: “we are His Body (His head, His heart, His hands), created in Jesus to do good works” (1 Corinthians 12:13 and Ephesians 2:10). It makes me a better man, all-around: a man of God, a loving husband, an involved father and/or a faithful friend. It brings me out of myself, beyond myself, and helps me quit living for self. This is where Heaven meets ‘earth’ (you and me), ‘earth’ is transformed (II Corinthians 4:7) and truly becomes a living soul for God (Gen. 2:7), living from the inside, out, to the glory of God! End Time living is vertical living; let’s get the Word out “while it is (still) day before the night comes when no one can work.” No more time for living “under the sun”…it’s time to live in the Sun, the Sun of Righteousness, that is: Jesus, the Christ, the Fiery God of Love, who has come with “healing in His wings” for all who will seek Him honestly and earnestly! Denny Beckham


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