6/24/11- What did the New Testament Jews go out to see in the wilderness, a church, or a man? They went out to see a Man on Fire! A man that knew “he must decrease, that Christ might increase” in his heart. John the Baptist knew it wasn’t about promoting his temple, much less himself, but it was completely about Christ Jesus, and that for people to come, he must devote himself to God and Righteous, sometimes lonely and sacrificial living. Application: we must lessen our worry about others praying and ‘paying-the-price’ for Revival…and pray. We must stop merely inviting people to church and start telling them ‘the wonderful workings of God’ in our lives, including our initial ‘salvation’ testimonies. And we must not promote ourselves…ever. Instead, we must (actually, we get to) promote and exalt Jesus in everything and, then, He “will draw all men unto” Himself. “LORD Jesus, help me to become a ‘Man on Fire’ in You, so that Your flames spread into the hearts of people all around me!” dkb


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