True Christianity = Effective Spiritual Warfare

“King David trusted in God yet he went forth to fight. Some people think that because the battle is the LORD’S, we should do nothing. But David knew that “faith without works is dead”. He knew that faith did not exclude fighting but faith simply means that we fight with confidence (in God).” Pastor Don Conner, in Lessons in the Life of David, lesson 3 ‘Facing Giants’, pg. 3, 4/17/12.

“Those who are scared of losing something are those who seem frantic or shrill or outraged.” Russell Moore, in his blog (seen at re. the question ‘Should Christians Boycott Starbucks?’ 3/27/12

“I must fade so that You can shine, sweet Jesus!” dkb, 1/29/12

“The story of the Christian life is really a tale of two cities: the City of God and the city of man.” Leo Godzich, pg 115, in his book Men are from Dirt, Women are from Men.

It is only as we return to Jesus as our First Love that we will truly overcome the “gross darkness that covers our land” in these End Times. Then, His Light can shine through us, for His “Love never fails.” dkb, 12/3/11

“The only Disciple that wasn’t a Missionary was Judas, who became the only one who betrayed Christ!” Rev. Kenneth F. Haney, in a tweet he sent out in Sept. 2011 to his 5,072 Twitter followers (as shared by Rev. Jack Cunningham at Bishop Haney’s funeral service on 11/17/11).

“Life is about God’s correction of our cravings, His testing of our intentions and investigation into our motives.” Pastor-teacher and Int’l Church Planter, Jorge Corrales

Trust is a near-extinct, child-like art. So let us be trusting without being naive. dkb

It’s souls over sales! In fact, souls are ‘The Ultimate Sale’ in the eternal-spiritual realm. dkb

We need to learn to let go….yet not be reckless. Rhema
to dkb ‘on the Mountain with God’, 9/6/11

Christianity (contrary to many people’s perceptions) is really not ‘a bunch of dos and don’ts’ but actually boils down to one simple thing: giving your heart away (to Jesus).”  Steve Wilson, LifeCoach (words in parenthesis added by dkb)

“We need a warfare worldview.” John Eldredge


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