How Will I Live?

We cease Pioneering when we cease to be Hungry for More. In other words, when my comfort is king, I stop Growing, turn inward, become stagnant and, therefore, die. “Jesus help me to ever ‘stretch myself’ in You so I can fulfill Your Call, reach my Potential….and our world with cutting edge Truth in Love!” dkb, on 11/27/11

“Will I live (selfishly) like Samson, who only prayed twice, both times for himself, or will I live (selflessly) like Stephen, who practiced prayer, even to the point of asking for forgiveness for his assailing countrymen? One (merely) prayed for his own deliverance, whereas the other (hugely) prayed for the deliverance of others.” Expanded from original inspiration received by Pastor/Author, Bill Davis, in his book ‘The Gates of Hell and The Prevailing Church’.


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