The Hell of Indifference

“The fact is the terrorists have been at war with us for years. We’ve just never been at war with them.” Condoleeza Rice.

“Hell has been at war with this great (Original Christian) Church for over 2,000 years, without question, and yet so many in It have not been At War with the gates of Hell. I’m afraid, therefore, that in many places, and with many people, the gates of Hell have prevailed instead! Hell is aggressive. Hell recognizes no boundaries. Indifference is a menace to the human soul…and truly civil society. And, in reality, indifference is nothing less than willful blindness (and is the opposite of true love)!” Bill Davis, in his book ‘The Gates of Hell and the Prevailing Church’, ppgs 13-15 (fixes, refinements and words in parenthesis added by ‘dkb’, 12/10/11)


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1 Response to The Hell of Indifference

  1. Hate is NOT the opposite of love but indifference, or apathy, is! “Jesus help us to be ‘passionately in-love with you’ (like Brother August would say…in-reverse)!”

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