The Miraculous Flows from Love

You want to ‘blow and grow’ in God? Let Jesus love on you. As you do, repentance (getting right with God) will be automatic, as will obedience to the Gospel (Acts 2:38)…and ministry Calls. Fear of punishment and, ultimately, rejection (and, there from, self-punishment/rejection), will dissipate and, if His presence is practiced, this lifestyle of fear will be abolished, albeit day by day. Herein lies both the power and the peace of God, for ‘God is Love’ but ‘he that feareth (continues to fear) is not made perfect (complete, whole) in Love.’ When I ‘accept Him’ (accept His Love and Truth), I become like Him, the One True Lover. It’s just like when we call little ones in our lives ‘little lover’ or ‘slices of heaven’, and simply spending time with them as a ‘holy love fest’: it’s because we’re experiencing a small part of God’s Love through them! Only then, through His ‘faith which worketh (is powered, or driven) by Love’, can we become His pipelines of the miraculous, which He wants to flow through us. “Yes, LORD Jesus, heal Your world through me and ‘mine’, and use us to partner with you in miracles of deliverance and salvation for many before You return to take us Home…our desperate and dying culture is counting on us!” (see I John 4:16-20 and listen to song, ‘It Wasn’t Easy’ by CeCe Winan) dkb 6/23/12


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