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Beautiful Balance

Jesus’ ‘Beauty of Balance’, or ‘Life in the Center’, includes: 1) Relationship…without compromise (-ing righteousness). 2) Focus…without tunnel-vision (micro-management). 3) Godly resolve…not fallen stubbornness (i.e. ‘my way or the highway!’). Advertisements

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The Good Life

Is it possible that the ‘good’ part that is our part of ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant’ is ‘submission’? I believe so, as God looks for submission as much as He does faithfulness. In fact, I believe faithfulness … Continue reading

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Perpetual Pain

“Pain does not decompose when we bury it.” Kathy Schoenborn, in her book ‘I Want to Stay Married, but How?’, on pg. xi of the introduction.

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Belligerent ‘Belly-gods’

“LORD Jesus, help me to make You my Chief Joy always, delivering me from ‘addiction to belly gods’, that is, too much focus upon food, fun and feelings, through Your Power”. dkb, 7/5/12

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Guilty Judgers

What we put others down for is usually what we’re guilty of ourselves. Hence, our need ‘not to judge, lest we be judged.’ dkb, 7/4/12 (Independence Day)

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