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Realistic Deliverance

“No more denial; instead, only and ever Deliverance!” dkb 8/15/12 Advertisements

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“But I don’t WANT to work!” (aka ‘No Workie? No Wonder!’)

‘The Dream’ (that God prints onĀ our hearts) is carried out not in wishful thinking or hoping it ‘happens’ but rather in obligation; that is, the duty and, ultimately, the delight of Work! dkb, 8/15/12

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S. B. P., the Missing Link

It’s ‘SBP’, or ‘Seeing’ (Vision), ‘Believing’ (Trust), ‘Pursuing’ (Action) that accomplishes God’s Plan, together.

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True and Eternal ‘RA-RA’!

Revival and Awakening (‘RA’) must be God-propagated through us and, therefore, through our earnest prayers. We cannot trust in our words, for it’s His power we need, and more of it, in these awful, End-days. Only His ‘Jesus-Power-of-Truth-in-Love’ will bring … Continue reading

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You Are ALL I Need, Jesus!

“You are my Father, my Focus, my Fire and my Fruitfulness, LORD Jesus! You foster Growth in me and Fulfill me with Your Loving Presence and Eternal Purpose. Thank You, Abba!”

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Prayer that Contracts with God!

“Supplication is possibly the most advanced aspect of the privilege of prayer. It cuts through the rag-tag affairs of earth at their most decadent (levels) and lays hold of God’s sovereign order. (It is) ‘praying that contracts with God’. Supplication … Continue reading

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Kingly Warrior is M.E.!

“I am a Marketplace Minister of Eternal Entrepreneurialism, possessed with Jesus’ ‘Divine Urgency & Delightful Effectiveness’ (aka one of His D.U.D.E.s)! dkb 8/1-8/10/12

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