Faith in Reverse

“Just as courage is ‘faith in good’, so discouragement is ‘faith in evil’ and, while courage opens the door to good, discouragement opens it to evil.” Hannah Whitall Smith (Editor’s Note: And we thought it was ‘godly’ or ‘virtuous’ or ‘our cross to bear’ when we were discouraged and/or are feeling sorry for ourselves! Come to find out, the opposite is true…Jesus forgive me, as I never ever want to ‘have faith in evil.’ It’s a true axiom, though, that we can become our own worst enemy by being a ‘negative, self-fulfilling prophecy’. Hence, God’s Word [through ancient Job, in his namesake, Biblical book] rings out in unspeakable, real-life tragedy, “The thing that I feared came upon me” {when he lost his children, monetary wealth and health to destruction} as proof-positive of the power of unbelief, driven by a spirit of fear…but “Perfect Love”, Jesus Christ, wants to “cast out all fear” in us.)


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