The End of Your Enemy

“The End of Your Enemy” (Rev. Gordon Winslow, 11/17/12)
Four Levels of Faith:
1) Measure of Faith (Rom.12:3)
2) Developing Faith (Heb.11:6)
3) Gift of Faith (II Cor.12): ‘it comes and goes’
4) Relational Faith (like Abraham offering up Isaac): ‘sustainable’
God showed me: “My turn, your turn, My turn, your turn…” i.e. ‘give and it shall be given unto you” and ‘obedience above all’, plus ‘no fear of man’. God moves by progressive revelation, i.e., ‘He speaks, you obey; He speaks, you obey’…
Busy does NOT equal obedient.
Depth of opposition/attack equals depth of miracle. Matt. 11:12- “Forceful men take it by force”… and Romans says ‘your mouth is the trigger of your faith’ (“with the mouth confession is made unto salvation”).
Start developing a warrior’s mindset and ministry, including towards obtaining miracles, for around every miracle is a Battle (but “The Battle is the LORD’S), so remember the PMP (practice makes perfect) Principle, even in your sleep.
When the Gift of Faith comes, everything looks little!
4 d’s from the devil:
1) Delay
2) Deceit (includes false doctrine)
3) Distractions
4) Disappointments
When I fast, my prayers are magnified SEVEN times.
Battles aren’t only for my survival; they’re for my education (prevailing), i.e. ‘failure cannot happen to me without my permission.’


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