Sweet Surrender

I determine to “fall upon Jesus and be broken”, in the right places, and not resist His calling of love and prayerfulness any longer, much less run from Him (until I am reduced to rubble). I will not be content with ‘God-at-a-distance’ anymore but will pursue Him until He is ‘close-up and personal’ with me like never before. He is worthy of my attention and love; I am not worthy of His…except by His Blood-covering, which I receive again now, by faith and obedience, and re-appropriate in confident trust. I am His and He is mine; therefore, I will not merely seek His Hand ( content with my little’bless me club’) but also, and much more importantly, His Face (enter into satisfying fellowship and service with Him, as I surrender all). You are Love, Master-builder; oh, make me more like You!”


About HeartRock Community

Fledgling writer sharing some Inspirations he's received and INjoyed...and wants to encourage you with!
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