Forever-Fathering that Frees Us

Slaves are ruled by fear and fall prey to (false) religion. Orphans are ruled by fierce independence. Sons revel in their Father’s Love and Nature. There are places so broken within us that only Beauty (God’s Presence) can minister to them. Good ‘kings’ draw us to God, whereas ‘bad’ kings drive us to God (if you’re hungry for God, that is). We need to let Abba teach us His ‘Way in the woods’ of life (usually through people)…but it starts with being thirsty for Jesus (and His Liberating Truth and Power of Love).” Morgan Snyder, in excerpts from his message on CD, ‘Sonship: Receiving God as Father’, Ransomed Heart Ministries, Wild at Heart Bootcamp event (italics and words in parenthesis added, and a few other words changed for emphasis or clarity by dkb).


About HeartRock Community

Fledgling writer sharing some Inspirations he's received and INjoyed...and wants to encourage you with!
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