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Giving Question

Question: “Do you think a person can be saved by ‘only’ paying their tithes and, generally, not giving an offering?” Answer: “I don’t think that’s the issue: ‘The LORD loves a cheerful Giver’ and ‘the liberal soul shall be made … Continue reading

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Scars of Deliverance

“You know just how far the East is from the West: One Scarred Hand to the Other.” Casting Crowns, in their hit song ‘East to West’ (Psalm 103:12). “LORD Jesus, help us to get There, as your ‘fellow-forgetful’ ones!”

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“Before the moment of Adam’s greatest trial, God provided no step-by-step plan and gave no formula for how he was to handle the whole mess. Yet that was not abandonment; that was the way God honored Adam: ‘you are a … Continue reading

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Discipline…or Desire?

“To abandon desire is to say, ‘I don’t really need you; I don’t really want you. But I will live with you because, well, I’m supposed to.’ It is a grotesque corruption of what was meant to be a beautiful … Continue reading

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“Neither Do I Condemn Thee…”

“When the Spirit of God shows us our sin, He always does it in such a way that it seems separate from us. This brings Conviction, not condemnation!” Ibid, pg. 11 (italics and exclamation point added by dkb).

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Hiding Sin

“Sin easily hides where there is no heat of trials and affliction.” John Bevere, in his book, The Bait of Satan, pg. 9 (Life-changing book…especially for men!).

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