Gorgeously ‘Green’

“Can it really happen? Can things in our lives be green again? No matter what our creeds may tell us, our hearts have settled into another belief: we have accepted the winter of this world as the final word and tried to get on without the hope of Spring. It will never come, we have assumed, and so I must find whatever life here I can. We have been so committed to arranging for ‘our happiness’ that we have missed the signs of Spring. We haven’t given any serious thought to what might be just around the corner. Were eternity to appear tomorrow, we would be as shocked as I have been with the return of Spring this week, only more so (like when we witness or experience a true miracle)! Our practical agnosticism would be revealed. Pascal declared, ‘Our imagination so powerfully magnifies time, by continual reflections upon it, and so diminishes eternity…for want of reflection, that we make a nothing of eternity and an eternity of nothing.” But of course we aspire to happiness we can enjoy now: ‘our hearts have no place else to go’ (is our lame excuse). We have ‘made a nothing of eternity’. If I told you that your income would triple next year, and that European vacation you’ve wanted is just around the corner, you’d be excited, hopeful. The future would look promising. It seems possible, desirable. But our ideas of Heaven, while ‘possible’, aren’t all that ‘desirable’. Whatever it is we think is coming in the next Season of our existence, we don’t think it is worth getting all that excited about. We make a ‘nothing of eternity’ by enlarging the significance of this life and by diminishing the Reality of what the Next Life is all about.” John Eldredge, The Journey of Desire, pages 110-111.


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