God’s Princess-partner Revealed!

When I asked our Ellie on a whim this morning if she now knew what Baby Beckham’s name was going to be, she answered immediately, ‘Camila’, so I asked her to write it out for Grandpa and, at first, she started with a ‘K’. But we changed it to a ‘C’ (by my guess) and she finished writing it on the back of a notepad. We then gave it to Grandma as a Surprise! Afterwards, I Googled the name and learned it means, ‘freeborn, noble!’ Yet the name ‘Camila’ didn’t come up in my Spanish-English Translator smart-phone app but ‘Camilla’ did, which means ‘stretcher’, etc. “Yes, LORD Jesus, make your newest, little Beckham Princess a freeborn, noble, ‘spiritual stretcher’ to our hurting world, a world that needs to be rushed into your Holy Hospital, the Church, where You, the Great Physician live, heal and operate in!”


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