Head-takes and Heart-touches…can lead to Healings…and a Blessed Christmas Season to you all!

“The ongoing wounds from usually a well-meaning yet over-bearing mother can often have a deeper impact and residual effect on us than the inadvertent ‘father-wounds’ we all ‘randomly’ incur.” Inspired (paradigm-shift for me) by Pastor Don Conner’s comment on the damage an ‘over-bearing mothers’ can unwittingly cause on their children, especially sons (which I hitherto believed were caused in people almost entirely by their ‘father-wounds’), 12/16/15.

“Faith begins when the Will of God is known.” Unknown. (Author’s Note: And the Will of God is usually found in the Word of God! See Romans 10:17)

“The foundation to understanding healing is to know unequivocally that God wants you Well, spirit, soul and body.” (I Thess. 5:23 & III John 1:2) Pastor Rod Ritchie

“The good news about healing is that Jesus in His earthly ministry never turned away even one sick person!” Ibid.

“Jesus Christ, at the same time He paid for a Believer’s forgiveness of sins, new life and eternal life, also made full provision for every Follower’s physical healing.” Ibid.

The literal, Hebrew meaning of Isa. 53:4, 5 is “Surely He took up our sicknesses and carried our diseases,” which was/is prophetically fulfilled in Jesus’ earthly ministry, as evidenced in Matt. 8:17…and through us!)
Langhammer 2

With Bro Cupoli 2010


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