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No More Last Love

Tired of Perfectionism, Procrastination, Paralysis and Defeat (‘PPPD’), all ‘in self’? Me, too! Let’s transform into Power, Purity, Peace and Delight, all ‘in Christ! “I’m CHOOSING You again as my First Love, LORD Jesus, NOW and FOREVER! ‘So-be-it’, Empowering Friend … Continue reading

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True Worship is…a Revelation of God’s Gorgeousness (His Striking, Unrelenting Beauty, Inside and Out)!

“The reason a woman wants (to be) a beauty to unveil, the reason she asks, ‘Do you delight in me?’ is, simply, that God does as well. God IS captivating beauty (Psa. 27:4). Can there be any doubt that He … Continue reading

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