True Pleasure

“We never see it (our sin/idolatry) in black and white, for we’re always ‘under-the-influence’ (of pursuing pleasure)*. No one stops to think about it: pleasure isn’t nearly so much about true enjoy ment as it is about anesthetizing ourselves. Think about the relief your idols ‘provide’: is your Desire truly and deeply satisfied…or does the relief come more through the temporary absence of Desire?**I’ve had a nagging sense I was more pleasure-oriented than might be good, but I didn’t see the function of pleasure in my life until I had to face intense grief and loss. I tried every drug I could, and nothing worked. Not food. Not sleep. Not work. Not reading. Not even sex. I could not get away from the pain. And then it occurred to me: if I am trying to use pleasure as ‘a drug’ in this case, how many of my so-called enjoyments are merely the same thing, simply on a lesser scale?” John Eldredge, The Journey of Desire, p.79. *The Bible calls this ‘pleasure-mindedness’/’worldliness’ (see II Timothy 3:4). **Only in encountering Jesus on an ongoing basis is there “fullness of joy AND pleasures forevermore” (see Psalm 16:11).


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