A Pentecostal Approach to Political Involvement

I heartily agree!

United Pentecostal Church International

blogAs Christians, we are sometimes faced with ethical dilemmas in which two or more principles seem to be in conflict. A classic example is the hypothetical Nazi-at-the-door situation. In such a case, should one lie to protect their family, or should one tell the truth and send their innocent family to an unjust death? Christians involved in the complexities of political discourse are often conflicted about the proper position or course of action. In politics it is sometimes difficult to choose between candidates because neither of them fully embrace or represent our Christian values. We may have to choose between the lesser of evils or choose the person who can do the best job for our country overall even though we don’t agree with all of his or her positions. In such cases, we should state our views without endorsing inappropriate statements or positions. We should not treat fellow believers…

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