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A Pentecostal Approach to Political Involvement

Originally posted on United Pentecostal Church International:
As Christians, we are sometimes faced with ethical dilemmas in which two or more principles seem to be in conflict. A classic example is the hypothetical Nazi-at-the-door situation. In such a case, should…

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Positive Peer Pressure

Transformed friends show the teachable one that Deliverance is indeed possible.

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For WHOM are You REALLY Living?

“The battle of desire is not something that just takes place within us or even between us. It is also taking place againstĀ us, all the time. Our desire is under nearly constant attack. ‘We come into the world longing,’ says … Continue reading

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Giver…or Taker?

“Everything God controls, gives.” John Hagee . “Everything I control, takes (except, that is, when I control myself).” dkb  

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True Pleasure

“We never see it (our sin/idolatry) in black and white, for we’re always ‘under-the-influence’ (of pursuing pleasure)*. No one stops to think about it: pleasure isn’t nearly so much about true enjoy ment as it is about anesthetizing ourselves. Think … Continue reading

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Wonders of His Love: Christ, the Living Word!

“LORD Jesus, deliver us from our distractions, dysfunctions and destructions; according to Your Word, heal us, that we would delight ourselves exclusively in You (and what Your heart and hands have provided): ‘He sent His Word, and healed them, and … Continue reading

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No More Last Love

Tired of Perfectionism, Procrastination, Paralysis and Defeat (‘PPPD’), all ‘in self’? Me, too! Let’s transform into Power, Purity, Peace and Delight, all ‘in Christ! “I’m CHOOSING You again as my First Love, LORD Jesus, NOW and FOREVER! ‘So-be-it’, Empowering Friend … Continue reading

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