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Earthen Vessel Treasure

“Heaven is the beginning of an Adventure in Intimacy, ‘a World of Love,’ as Jonathan Edwards wrote, ‘where God is the Fountain.’” John Eldredge, Ransomed Heart, pg. 157. Advertisements

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Out-of-this World Security

“Of course we’re disappointed–we’re made for SO much more! ‘He has also set Eternity in their hearts’ (Eccl. 3:11). Our longing for Heaven whispers to us in our disappointments and screams at us through our agony. ‘If I find in … Continue reading

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We ARE at War!

“There IS no war is the subtle but pervasive lie sown by an Enemy so familiar to us we don’t even see him. For too long, he has infiltrated the ranks of the Church and we haven’t even recognized him … Continue reading

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True Wealth

“Do we live to accumulate wealth or to accumulate people for God’s kingdom?” Jimmy Evans, Marriage Builder Weekly email, 7/6/14.

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Where is Wholeness?

Wholeness comes through wholeheartedness, not vice-versa. In other words, when we surrender to Jesus, He can make our hearts right and whole. Conversely, if we’re waiting to surrender until we’re made whole, we’ll probably never be wholehearted to God and … Continue reading

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Gorgeously ‘Green’

“Can it really happen? Can things in our lives be green again? No matter what our creeds may tell us, our hearts have settled into another belief: we have accepted the winter of this world as the final word and … Continue reading

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Revelational Gratitude

“Gratitude sustains the soul. How can we experience Grace if we don’t feel grateful? How do we know we’ve been Blessed? Norman Vincent Peale said we should ‘be grateful for blessings not yet received, for blessings unknown’. Gratitude is a … Continue reading

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